a closer look at water quality,
illegal dumping & community engagement in the
Coney Island Creek
By Molly Nugent and Kyle Mackie
It wasn't the rickety old Cyclone or the boardwalk that first attracted people to Coney Island. The first attraction, according to historian Charles Denson, was a little farther down Neptune Avenue: the Coney Island Creek. Decades later, it's still a natural sanctuary for fishing, boating and escaping the concrete jungle of New York City. But with high levels of fecal coliform found in the water on a routine basis - especially within the past year - the creek is also one of the city's filthiest waterways. This investigation examines how it got this way and who should be held accountable.
Part One: The Community Has a Right to Know
Part Two: NYC's Last Great Infrastructure Problem
Special thanks to editor Robert Lewis and drone master Elias Parise.
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